Know More About Bonnywise

Thoughtful content that can help you through your journey of self-growth and mind management

About Us

Bonnywise is a project initiated by Saiyeda Tahsin to raise attention towards maintaining mental health. We believe that a slight betterment in the mental stability of an individual can greatly impact our personal as well as social lives.

Our Vision

Since the world is getting faster every day, we are losing grab on our self-controlling abilities in a similar proportion. But we believe that it’s possible to take control and maintain our minds just with some attention.

Our Objectives

Maintaining and managing mental health is crucial for every single individual. Our objective is to support people with some valuable content that can help them understand and maintain their emotions better.

Our Mission

We planned to provide some deeper discussion through articles and videos on certain emotional issues that we all face in our daily lives. We focus on keeping our content pleasing, friendly, and easy to understand.

About the Creator

Hi! This is Saiyeda Tahsin. I am a fresh graduate and have been working as a meditation consultant for more than ten years now. My experience in working with people has brought me to this realization that we all need regular checking, care, and maintenance of our mental and emotional health. Bonnywise is a project that I started to assist individuals in managing their mind and emotions in a better way.